Cable Ties

As I write it looks as if Vince Cable has been hoist on his own flex. Time to think about reviving his old band Vince Cable and the Hotwires, because I don't see him lasting for much longer. Hours I would say. The revelations in today's Telegraph and his boast that he could bring down the Coalition seem to have been eclipsed by his incredibly crass pronouncement about being at war with Rupert Murdoch. Guido Fawkes points out that the Telegraph did not include this juicy morsel in their piece earlier because the Telegraph very much wants to see Murdoch cut off at the Billabong. That line of the story was broken by the BBC's Robert Peston. Meanwhile, the UK Business Secretary appears to have had a jumbuck in his own Tucker Bag. At war with Ruper Murdoch? As someone wryly observed, Vince Cable will be home for Christmas.

UPDATE: Cable is Saved. He will stay in post, but with diminished responsibility. I blame myself for assuming that Cameron had a backbone. I never learn.


Jim Baxter said...

It was bound to happen. What a maroon. And in the same story he is reported as saying that he has to 'pick his fights carefully'.

It would take a heart of stone, etc..

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sadly Jim he appears to have hung on.

Jim Baxter said...

Yes. But he's - what's that phrase they use for a clueless, verbally incontinent, self-important twat these days? Not a 'team player?' No that's not it. I know - he's a clueless, verbally incontinent, self-important twat.

Oh, and now an even bigger laughing stock. If he was indeed once a danger to the coalition he's not now.