Onward and Upward must be the cry

It's a quote from Wainwright I think, about Scafell Pike. It has always appealed to me, that line.

Stung by the premature announcements of the end of blogging, generally because Iain Dale has packed it in, I got to thinking about the longevity of the medium. Dale seems to prefer Twitter and, let's be honest, he is no intellectual, he's a chatterer. Whereas I reserve judgement about my cognitive credentials, I know that I am not a chatterer. Chattering was made for Twitter and Facebook. I do neither. I am a thinker and reflector. I always wanted to do posts which were a bit less ephemeral; at least posts which people can refer to in the future, ones that don't just evince a knee-jerk rant on the issues of the day.
If anything has changed with the departure of high level bloggers such as Iain Dale and Tom Harris, it is that they have moved on to a medium that suits their intellects.
Roger Scruton, that cerebral right-of-centre academic, really did not get the blog. He made some fascinating attempts and now appears to have given up.

But it is not all about considered monographs on the influence of Dante in the Work of T.S Eliot. To survive the blog needs new blood and energy and really, variety. This is why I have invited some of my regular readers to submit items. They are going to be published over the next week or two and range from recipes to ideas to anecdotes. This blog always has been a scattershot blog and it is not going to change.

So here, below, are the first and second contributions to be published. The first is from regular commenter and friend, Jim Baxter, who likes to hide his literary light under a bushel. It's time to come out of the bushel, Jim. The second is from a recent addition to the comments section, although I gather he has read the blog for some time: Brian. His first one is a recipe and I thought it best to publish it asap since it will give you time to get the ingredients. Thanks to both. They are published as is without editing by me, so please address your comments/writs to the author. I feel privileged that people have done this and hope it will encourage others to submit articles.


James said...

I came across this blog WW which you might have visited.
Great writing and stories that may be of interest to you. Music, life, woodworking...


So there are still plenty of good blogs to be hunted down and enjoyed.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you James. I think I may have visited him before, but will do so again.

wolfy said...

i came to blog on a dare from two friends who write. I never thought I would do such a thing as blog. Now its part of my daily life - blogging and reading blogs that I find important. And while I use Facebook to satisfy that chattery part of me, my blog is verbose and long-winded and perhaps I lose readers because of that, but I don't mind. I know that my blog motivates me to write, to produce something every week. I feel like I've let myself down if I don't post something. You can write alone, but having a few people depend on you to get a story out is a terrific tool.

As for the medium -- it doesn't seem to be dying out. Artists have found a way to bypass The Establishment and share their work and I believe that perhaps the blog will be a valuable tool to historians at some point -- what a treasure trove of cultural history it will be. But that's down the road, right now, its a great creative tool.

Finally (oh dear, i'm going on and on, but . . .) it was funny to read your post, because I wrote a piece a couple of days ago taking stock of why I do this thing:

so, blog on, and on and on . . .

Anonymous said...

I think "onwards and upwards" is also a line from Star Wars so now I know where they stole it from.
Keep blogging WW.