A little local housekeeping

In October I posted about a visit to Lincolnshire, the county of my birth. In the last few decades these visits have been few and far between but what reminded me often of places I liked was a watercolour painting that came into my posession over 30 years ago. As far as I can make out, this picture was painted in 1919, by O Simpson. It is a thatched cottage in the heart of the Wolds. On a recent visit I tried to replicate it photographically. This is how I did.

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Richard said...

Good effort. I have to admit I love things like this, photos of the 'old towm' and so on. Not from nostalgia, but from an interest in how certain features persist over time, such as the hedgerow in your picture and photo. I used to live in a house (converted from 2-room cottage) in North Lincs, and came across photos of it from the 1930s. That was several hours lost.