Musical Connections

A track that will always make it into my top hundred (out of thousands, so it does mean something) is State of Independence by Donna Summer. I can't tell you what I like about it. Listening to it is like placing a Jaffa Cake in your mouth upside down. If you have ever done this, you will understand what I mean. It is the sort of cosmic experience that only me and Emily Dickinson ever felt normal with.

This brings us to record number two. I was going to post this last night. Really. Richard, a regular commenter on the blog mentioned YES. Well Richard, I am a big Yes fan, right from album number one - I see you is probably the best song on the eponymous and was covered by CSN I believe. Anyhow, this is Roundabout. It is over eight minutes long, but that's prog for you.

The next one is connected to that one. The producer hit on a sound. He practiced it with ABC and it was fully honed to perfection by the time he got hold of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Without him, Frankie would have remained, leather clad and sweaty and and boringly gay, in the closet. This is The Look of Love by ABC

Martin Fry of ABC sang "Thunderball" on a collection of James Bond songs, put together by Bond musicmeister David Arnold.

Incredibly, Donna Summer never sang a title track on a Bond Movie, so here the connections come adrift.

So, what are the connections? Answers on a post card, which given the present state of the Royal Mail will arrive too late for me to have to worry about. Or you can use the comments section.

And Finally, a Bond song that never was. Info please if you think yur ard enough. The Weasel could not resist adding a bit at the beginning.


Richard said...

Thank you for 'Roundabout'. I think my favourite from the early stuff was 'Yours Is No Disgrace' from The Yes Album. I spent a long journey hitching across the country with a string, silent type and realised that I could play that song in my head note for note. I'm still catching up with their back catalogue, but the early stuff is the best.

Richard said...

Er, that woulod be 'strong'. Damn this little netbook keyboard, and damn Blogger's inability to provide an edit comment function :)

Richard said...



Smoking Hot said...

Don't know if either you or Richard have got these. lf not ... enjoy.

Your Move


Wondrous Stories


Long Distance




Play or download. Rick Wakeman, Piano variations Yes.

Merry Xmas

Smoking Hot said...

The connections? ... you got me. No idea.

Smoking Hot said...

Met Rick at one of his shows ... Scarborough 2000 l think. He recounted the story of Jon Anderson coming to vist him on the Isle of Man. Rick put him up at his mates hotel with the specific request to have a room with a view of the harbour. Jon Anderson likes painting.

So, Jon arrived and settled in but early next morning Rick's hotel owner friend was on the phone very concerned about Jon. He told Rick to get down to the hotel as quick as he could. Rick set off immediately.

When he got there he asked what was wrong and the obviously very concerned hotel owner said it's better he see for himself. They went into Jon's room and there he was sitting in the bay overlooking the harbour with all the boats and the sun relecting off the sea. A truly picturesque view and Jon was happily painting away.

Rick was somewhat bemused and asked the hotel owner what was wrong.

'Look what he's doing' whispered the hotel owner.

'He's painting' replied Rick.

'Yes, but look what he's painting ... it's a sunflower!' said the hotel owner.

'That's all he paints' replied Rick

Richard said...

Thanks for those links, SH. Not heard before - I last listened to RW in the 6 Wives era. Sounds good, with tha added benefit that I can have them playing and the Mrs thinks I am listening to 'proper' music.

Duly downloaded, with thanks.