Tommy Sheridan - Gwilty

I wonder how he feels now that he is in the same club as Jonathan Aitken and Jeffrey Archer?

It's one thing to go adrift in the trouser area, but something wholly other to lie about it in court and trouser the damages. This thoroughly vile man publicly declared he was on a crusade to end the forces of capitalism. Seems to me all he was really doing was getting his rocks off. Now he blames Rupert Murdoch. Yet another notch down for the political classes when you and I thought they had hit rock bottom.

Yet another crazed leftie who thinks its ok to lie if you are "right". That'll be him with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and most of the rest of the bastards, then.


Jim Baxter said...

Tommy will be quite happy in jail. He'll be popular. He'll be a hero. He'll turn it to his advantage. All things are much the same to him.

James said...

Interesting that he won his defamation case in Edinburgh but lost the libel case in Glasgow. His home city. I wasn't convinced either way about his guilt until I saw the programme on BBC Scotland tonight. He admitted to the police interviewer that he'd had 'multi partner sex' on numerous occasions. This woke me up as I'd assumed that all the orgy stories were made up. I don't remember his admission of orgies being mentioned during the trial.
He never actually recieved the £200K from NOTW as it was held back until their appeal was heard. At least Aitken and Archer managed to trouser some cash.

James said...

Tommy Sheridan - The Rock opera..

Hamish said...

Up to a point WW.
But people perjure themselves every day in court, and it is clear that both in the original defamation case and the one just finished, many of the witnesses were telling lies. So why was it just the Sheridans who were pursued?. And will this case spawn further perjury trials ad infinitum?
The Establishment were thick to bring this case. Tommy can now play the martyr. People will take to the streets of Paisley in their handfuls clammouring FREE TOMMY SHERIDAN.