Julian Assange - a dead man walking

Wikileaks director Julian Assange has taken delivery of the details of about 2000 wealthy clients of the Swiss banking system. Rudolf Elmer, a former bank employee handed over a cd with the information at a press gathering in London. Elmer has described the clients, who may have avoided massive amounts of tax across the globe, as "well known pillars of society". Elmer will stand trial in Switzerland, but it is Assange who is going to upset a lot of very important people, for they are not only important, they are influential; they can have him killed and get away with it. Who would want Julian Assange dead? Well, nobody, apart from the CIA and 2000 secretive money men.

Somewhere in a subterranean lair is a man in a Nero suit stroking a cat: "Take care of Mr Assange, he has become a nuisance".


Brian said...

Guardian Media Group, Scott Trust, Apax, Emap, Cayman Islands! as the tax avoidance version of Mornington Crescent goes. Perhaps Mr Assange's bestest friend the Guardian may contract Toynbee for a wet job.

RMcGeddon said...

"well known pillars of society".

If there is a God then the CD will mention Tony Blair, some BBC luvvies, some global warming scammers like Gore, Prescott and Pachauri, the usual despots from the middle east and North Africa, some EU 'leaders' and Simon Cowell.

That will do for a start.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry to be the bearer of difficult news RMc but there would have to be a seismic change in the World Order before Blair ends up in the dock.

He has on his side:
The Catholic Church
The EU
The United States of America
Several Arab States

Against him is a gibbering imbecile who would be destroyed before he could testify by the revelation that he was certifiably mentally ill.

I shall not live to see Blair punished for his crimes and neither, do I believe, will Mr Assange.

RMcGeddon said...

I'm not so sure WW. No one is indispensible these days. People worthier than Tony have been thrown to the wolves when needs must. Chilcott is breathing down his neck and if the largesse he recieved from various sources became known through the wiki CD then things might get difficult for him.
Wiki was partly responsible for the fall of Ali of Tunisia and for the opening up of what's really happening in Iraq and in the 'corridors of power 'around the world so you never know.
It might be the straw that broke the charlatans back.

subrosa said...

Naw RM, I don't believe Wiki had anything to do with the fall of Ali. That was the work of the CIA and they spread the propaganda as always.

Who would buy that stuff WW? Have we produced such stupid people in the younger generations?

RMcGeddon said...

SR said..

" Naw RM, I don't believe Wiki had anything to do with the fall of Ali. That was the work of the CIA and they spread the propaganda as always."

Wiki was partly to blame SR. You might have missed the cable that described in full the lavish lifestyle of the Ali family. Pet tigers, beachfront villas, billions in gold stashed away.
Every dissident that was interviewed mentioned the wiki cable. All the rumours were now out in the open.
I can't see it being a CIA operation. They had Tunisia sewn up and now it's all unravelling with other states that sent us oil with no questions asked now under threat aswell( Algeria, Saudi, Libya etc).
I think Tunisia fell due to a combination of things coming together at the same time. Mass unemployment amongst the youth. Rising food and petrol prices. Rising underground movement between tech savvy kids spreading information ( despite the futile attempts to block internet access etc). Wiki cable spelling out in black and white what each leader had stashed away. People committing suicide and others realising that there was nowhere else to go but onto the streets. If you're hungry and have no way to buy food then what's left ?