I'd like to teach the world to sing - before their teeth drop out

Take a good look at this photograph. It is a picture of the Coca Cola company's latest foray into the health drink market. It is called Vitamin Water. The label cleverly replicates the kind of label you get in Boots and Health shops. In fact, it looks like liquid medicine! I wonder how they came up with that one? Well, perhaps it's the guy who, a few years ago thought of putting tap water into a fancy bottle and adding carbon dioxide.

According to Coke marketeers this girl cannot live without Spunk
Coke's earlier foray into public "awareness"  (the very stupid public) by clever a marketing strategy to get water out of a tap in Sidcup and filter it, went tits up. Called Dasani was sold in the UK with the slogan "Bottled Spunk". To make things worse, it turned out that Dasani had a chemical, introduced during the filtration process, that was carginogenic and thousands of bottles had to be recalled. In fact Dasani was actually worse than the Sidcup tap water it was sourced from.

Well then, let us get back to their exciting new product range, Vitamin Water. You see? It's water, with Vitamins! Bugger me if I did not think of that. The thing is, I might have thought of bottling water and adding vitamins, but Coke have gone further than that which I suppose is the reason I am not a Coca Cola VP. Coke have added sugar!

Every 500ml bottle of Vitamin Water contains 5 teaspoons of sugar (23gms). The ASA have already ruled against Coke marketing the drink as "nutricious". And as if there wasn't enough sickly sweet sticky stuff in this post already, those clever marketeers have even made up a fake "blog" to promote it in the UK, which kind of neglects to tell you who is actually behind it and a Wikipedia entry that is pure marketing. Gosh, they have spent a lot of money to kid us into spending money on sugared water.

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