Story of my life - narrated by a stranger in real time

This made me lol. I might try it myself. Heck, that's not weird for me, I used to go around pretending I was German.

Hat tip to Huffington Post, where you can find more candid camera stuff. I found this because someone at Huffington linked to the Julian Assange story, which is a bit scary.


Richard said...

Notably, he uses middle-aged ladies and older men for this stunt. Soft targets. I'd like to see him try the same thing with a group of young men or women. I suspect he would only get his phone back after a visit to the proctologist. Am I over-sensitive in finding this kind of trick vaguely sinister and unpleasant?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes Richard I noticed that too. Sinister and unpleasant? It is a bit, I agree, and he does pick on old folks and not 20 stone survivalists with KKK tattoos but it made me laugh. Sorry.

Richard said...

Don't apologise :) It was entertaining, if a little uncomfortable to watch.