Lord Taylor convicted despite playing the race card

I really wish they would stop it. It does no good and it is deceitful. Lord Taylor has been convicted of expenses fraud. He is the only person from a "minority" to have thus far been prosecuted, though there are a few who should be.

Taylor is a black bloke who has done well. There is no doubt that, througout his life he has encountered racism and race hate, but for his brief, Mohammed Kham­isa QC, to play the race card cheapens the conduct of the law.

Mr Khamisa said his client had faced racist threats on his way to becoming a succ­essful barrister and peer. He said: “He fought off racists. He fought off insults. He fought off threats to his life."

I have sometimes had a shit life too. I have been threatened and been beaten up for being posh, but it does not entitle me to cheat and steal from the public purse.

If minorities in this country are seeking acceptance and equality, it is about time they stopped telling us "It is because I is black" every time they are called to account.


Jim Baxter said...

'Cheapens the conduct of the law'?

Give me strength. Defence counsel would hire performing dolphins if they thought it would help their case. Dignity has never been one of their concerns. Nor should it be.

The Filthy Engineer said...

“He fought off racists. He fought off insults. He fought off threats to his life."

FFS. I've had bullets fired at me. Bombs dropped on me. And even an anti ship missile fired at me.

I don't winge about it. I just duck.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Welcome to the blog Filthy. Yes, Croydon on a Saturday night. It can be a bit hairy.

Foxy Brown said...

My parents who came from the West Indies in the 1950s have never spoken about their early years in this country, although I imagine that things must have been difficult.

What I find offensive is the manner in which racism, or more correctly racialism, has been devalued in the past decade, something which was a wider part of the Nu Labour project. This term is now devoid of any meaning through overuse.

As for Lord Taylor, the concept of equality means being treated the same as the so-called oppressor. He was caught with his fingers in the cookie jar, and is quite rightly being punished for his sins. Let's hope that Baroness Uddin faces similiar sanctions.

Hamish said...

You are becoming a miserable *** WW.
One minute you are bleating about the hard time you have as a white/straight/male.
Now you cannot find it in you to give your whole-hearted approval to the outcome of the Taylor case.
That our system of law has found him guilty is not enough for you: you feel the need to attack the way he conducted his defence.

As for "been beaten up for being posh": don't give yourself airs.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Foxy, it is tricky. All I know is that the moment I mention it, someone is going to pop up and call me a racist. It has a tendency to shut down the discussion.

However, in this instance, it was Lord Taylor (or his brief) who quite clearly attempted to make it a race issue, which it is most certainly not.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

All I can do Foxy is to invite you to write for the blog, anything you fancy. Go on, go on.

Daddy said...

He was bleating about being white/straight/male because you are not allowed to play any of them as a sympathy card, even when you are marginalised. The 'is it because I is black' argument is in this case wheeled out even when they are facing equal treatment. It's the same argument!