WW's Pyramid of Moral Superiority

So, who's at the top? Disabled Black Lesbians? GCSE Sociologists? Nelson (touch and go) Mandela? Anti-Smokers?


Anonymous said...

Anti smoking anti drinking health freakos of course.

Odin's Raven said...

G-d's Chosen of course!

RMcGeddon said...

It's got to be that odious little toad Keith Vaz. With Harriet Harperson holding his limp wrist for him.

Twig said...

It's the BBC, then the UN and Shami Chakrabarti.

Brian said...

Julian Assange, pavement cyclists, primitive tribal peoples, polar bears.

Jim Baxter said...

Tony Blair.

King Athelstan said...

President Van Rumpy Pumpy,Baroness "big pockets" Ashton, Ed "man with the plan" Balls, and his sainted squeeze. Women in burquas.

Foxy Brown said...

It's got to be the Guardian. This newspaper is read by the oligarchy who control education, health, the public sector and the arts. The BBC is the Guardian in auditory form. Peter Sissons's book which, as readers of this blog are well aware, speaks of the malign influence of this newssheet. Readers are deserting it in droves and it is haemorrhaging money at an alarming pace, but it is being kept afloat by the Scott Trust owned AutoTrader mag.

Although Sissons's remarks have received a fair amount of exposure through Melanie Phillips on her Speccie blog and David Vance over at Biased BBC, I've nonetheless posted a link:


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks for the link, Foxy. I wonder if that piece will go down as some kind of turning point; the moment when the faces we know and love let the cat out of the bag.
Moira Stewart buggers my pyramid considerably. Obviously, older black women are on a terminal slide down the pyramid and may yet end up at the bottom with old white men. Especially if they have nice speaking voices.

Twig, I like Sharmi Chakrabarti - just think Yasmin Alibai Brown and you'll see what I mean. Sharmi's problem is sizeism. She it tiny! People don't like being told what to do by tiny people. Especially if they have beautiful bronw eyes and a nice smile...said too much already.

Blair is an obvious contender, Jim. I particulary like the way he caused the death of 100s of thousands of people when he was "not doing God" and then started doing God again after.

Odin I am not sure who you mean by "G-d's Chosen" Celtic? U2?

Brian, Julian Assange reportedly does have personal hygiene problems, and that stuffs him in this context.

Keith Vaz. mm, yes RMc I would like to see him on top of a pyramid, with the point sticking in his ass.

Athelstan, I notice yours is a broad church. Ed Balls' Third Reich hair cut gives him gravitas, I think. Rumpy Pumpy was a contender until our Nige tore him a new asshole.

Anon, can you give yourself an identity? Not something stupid either like "raccoon" or "weasel".

Twig said...

"...beautiful brown eyes and a nice smile...said too much already."

You'll have to get past David Davies first!

View from the Solent said...

"Who's at the top?".
Aah, if only life were that simple.
You're on the right track with "Disabled Black Lesbians". By using a pyramid you've restricted yourself to only 3 dimensions. Nowhere near enough. There are so many possible combinations of superiority that simple Euclidian space is not up to the job.

VftS (via the striped rodent)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well thank you for popping over VftS. Yes, this needs further work.