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The Weasel would like you to take part in making this a better blog. Below is a link to a short survey, only ten questions. Please if you can, take the time to complete it, since your feedback is valuable and will help me to focus on areas for improvement.

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A round up of the trends and answers will be published, in order for you to find out what others said

UPDATE: As you can see, I posted this at lunchtime and have so far had over 30 responses, which has amazed me! The standard of most comments and feedback is very high. Some erudite and witty remarks and a lot of material that will help me. Some surprises, for example, most of you declared an interest in "science". That is not something I do a lot of, partly because I live with a scientist and that area is strictly verboten, at least on subjects which can be attributed and are not already public domain. (If I did tell, I would at once leap to the top of the wikio rankings and at the same time be needing a place to stay, probably with Julian Assange, who apparently smells) Of course, it has not escaped my notice that many of you are quite clever yourselves. It reminds me to ask that if I post on something that you have specialist knowledge of, you can always email me in confidence with background material because the integrity of the blogging community relies on accuracy and truth and I feel we need to up the game in that respect.


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