Business News

That great British marque, Jaguar Land Rover are hurtling towards a soaring £1 Billion profit. What makes me joyful is this snippet from the Telegraph:

 In 2009, as car sales tumbled around the world, JLR was forced to seek state loan guarantees from Lord Mandelson, then the Business Secretary. However, it walked away from negotiations after the Government demanded control over the company's strategy.

Control? I did not realise they wanted control. Did anybody else get that nuance from New Labour?
I am so happy for Jag. I am rubbing my hands with Glee.*

*Glee. A sort of hypoallergenic version of Swarfega


Span Ows said...

Control! That is new...I wonder if it was a secret attempt at a backhand deal with Mandy and his Indian friends against OTHER Indian billionaires.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

One can never tell with Mandy. To quote, Montague Withnail, "He's sooo mauve",

Hamish said...

My brother owns a Jag -- the shame of it. I run a Jazz, tbinking of changing to a Fabia.
Recently, he had a number of alerts coming up on the display, & took it into his local garage.
They rang him up, saying they needed to replace two components but they weren't available. OK he said, order them up. No, they said, there aren't any in the UK, nor Europe, nor US.
The two companies making these parts have gone bust. All stocks have been exhausted.
The problem was eventually solved by buying second-hand on Ebay.
His Jag is all of six years old.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Hamish, I have considered the Skoda range also. I have a VW that is pretty much the same thing, certainly the same 1.9 turbo diesel unit, and it is one of the best cars we have ever had.