They are selling Hippie wigs in Woolworth's man and Beyonce is doing Glastonbury

Danny the hippie, from the movie Withnail and I, whose philosophy underpins most of this blog and whose wisdom I always take as axiomatic, would perhaps find today's Glastonbury news something of a downer, man.

For the news is that Beyonce, someone I admit to knowing very little about, has gushed,

"This really is the biggest festival in the world and I cannot wait to perform there ... I'm pumped just thinking about that huge audience".

Calm down love, its only a wankfest.
Glastonbury, (not that I have ever been to it) is like a snake oil show, only Glaxo Smith Kline are the sponsors . Once it was a suburb of Haight Ashbury and Woodstock. Now its a suburb of Pinner.

It's not that I object to acts coming along that have made it during the last few years, it is just that they are so woefully the plastic and manufactured. Obviously they connect with the audience, but I do not know what audience that is.

When an institution like Glastonbury goes straight it loses its spirit. They have ATMs. That just about sums it up.

Here is something real. Jody Grind from The Far Canal.

Oh dear, and I said I wouldn't complain that things ain't wot they used to be.


Smoking Hot said...

You'll know the tale behind this song WW, l'm sure.

Festivals nowadays are nothing but an expensive imitation of what they were.

Anonymous said...

The last time I went to Glastonbury errr .. was 91 The Cure, African Mombasa.they were really good as the sun went down .
Muddy first two days Thurs Fri then Sat the sun came out and cracks appeared in what was the mud.

Loved it so much fun the bus stopped and we all jumped off.
Is it sanitised now or am I just thinking it's more like a radio 1 roadshow.

Ha ! you could write a book on the old festivals ,Stonehenge was so different the first one I went I was 20 the first thing that really caught my eye was three people standing on their heads with no clothes on playing flutes.
A clever trick but you then knew the rules were gone .
That's why the old festivals were so much better.
They were just like stepping back in time.
Ha, see, I am pissed and stoned.
Good luck to you and everyone .
The old fests were better and certainly more enlightening !

Conan the Librarian™ said...


Jody Grind.


Brian said...

To quote Malcolm Hardee on Glastonbury, "I remember this when it was all fields."

Foxy Brown said...

What really winds me up is the hallowed coverage the festival receives on Radio 4, and the BBC send an inordinate number of staff along for the proceedings.