Eurovision is naff but at least it is live. Baftas, yes we know who won already

The Eurovision Song contest is an occasional visitor to these halls. Way back, I successfully predicted a win for Finnish Monster Munchers, Lordi.

Even I have hosted and attended Eurovision parties, where we sit around getting a bit bladdered, filling out our own score cards and laughing at foreigners. The point of it is that nobody watching knows who the winner is until it is announced. All you can say for certainty is that Royaume Uni will get nul points.

This is not so with the Baftas. For a start, the voting is a lot more industry influenced and the favourites generally show weeks, if not months before. Yesterday you could not get a bet on The King' Speech, and if memory serves, Colin Firth was 1/166, to win Best Actor.

A shame then that the results of the BAFTAs were known to anyone that cared to look, hours before the awards show. As a Telegraph reviewer has said, these awards shows make terrible entertainment, but to broadcast them after the event renders them utterly redundant. Frankie Boyle was mooted as the next presenter, live of course. But then nobody would be talking about the luvvies the next day, would they?

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