Labour's appeasement of Libya goes back, way back.

Labour did plenty of deals with Libya
by Wrinkled Weasel
The wires are alive tonight with reports that a former Libyan Justice Minister has claimed that the country's leader, Col Gaddafi ordered the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 and also says he has proof that not only did Gaddafi order it, he ordered the freed suspect, al-Megrahi to place the bomb.

Well, there are many ways to look at this development. Perhaps it is no surprise to some. Perhaps, the source of this has an interest in gaining a place of safety somewhere, perhaps even the USA. Certainly it will play well over there.

I have a long memory. I remember WPC Yvonne Fletcher. Interestingly, the name of Jack Straw returns to the world of murk and grubby pragmatism once more. In 2009, The Times published a story that a deal was done between Straw and the Libyan government over the death of the police woman, for whom no one was ever charged. This is what the article said

The Libyan killer of a British policewoman will never be brought to justice in Britain after a secret deal approved by Jack Straw.
The Foreign Office bowed to Libyan pressure and agreed that Britain would abandon any attempt to try the murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, shot outside the Libyan embassy in London 25 years ago.
Anthony Layden, Britain’s former ambassador to Libya, said this weekend he had signed the agreement with the Libyan government three years ago, when Straw was foreign secretary. At the time Britain was negotiating trade deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds with Libya.
The deal followed a visit by Tony Blair, then prime minister, to meet Colonel Gadaffi in March 2004 after Libya announced that it was ending its nuclear weapons programme. 
Oh dear. What else would Labour have done to prop up its doomed economy? Sell their grandmothers? Tell Lies? It seems as if they were prepared to do anything to appease a despot and keep their own corrupt regime in power.

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T.S. Dogfish said...

As has been true throughout the post-modern era: all politics swing on the economy. In the US, Bill Clinton articulated this in his own country boy way: "It's the economy, stupid." His handling of the economy allowed him to get away with all manner of personal pecadillos.