Thursday on WW - The man who produced this song

by Wrinkled Weasel

Later Today, the first part of my talks with Mike Hurst. Is the name unfamiliar? He produced this, the first and original recording of The First Cut is the Deepest by PP Arnold 44 years ago. The song was written by Cat Stevens, but technically Cat's release was later and so is a cover of his own song. Hurst produced both. PP Arnold is backed by a band who later became known as The Nice. And what ever happened to Mike Hurst? A "favourite tracks" piece follows later today and in a week or two the full Mike Hurst Story.

UPDATE: Mike Hurst's All time favourite tracks on WAVELENGTHS 2

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Smoking Hot said...

PP Arnold has such an interesting and varied career. l don't think she ever made a solo album which is a shame.

The number of times l've argued that Cat Stevens song was a cover. People just don't believe it.

Looking forward to the interview WW.