McBride ll - Power Never Sleeps

by Wrinkled Weasel

Over at the Speccie, Fraser Nelson brings us an exclusive: Damien McBride, Brown's former ratfucker-in-chief has become Head of Media at CAFOD, the Catholic Church's overseas aid charity. Of course, this is just another stepping stone in Mr McBride's journey back to the kid of power and authority that henchmen like him live on. Before too long, he will be working at the Vatican for one of the Cardinals, and then, perhaps the conversation might go something like this:

Cardinal: Come in, Mr McBride...I've been expecting you.

McBride: Your Eminence.

Cardinal: We have a problem. World Poverty.

McBride: Would you like it....eliminated?

Cardinal: Yes, perhaps it would be better if Poverty was...taken care of. It has become a nuisance. Do you think you may be of assistance in this matter?

McBride: Is the Pope a.. erm, yes, Your Eminence. A few, shall we say, well placed emails will sort it.

Cardinal: Mr McBride, perhaps the details are best left to you. Oh and Damien, you will be pleased to know that I have dealt with the Guido situation.

McBride: Oh yes, your Eminence? Can I get on with it then?

Cardinal: Yes, and remember, my son, Illegitimis non carborundum

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