Coming Soon - WW's Rock Legacy

It is becoming impossible to do justice to the music sections on this blog, so I have created another one. From now on, some of the longer music articles will migrate to it and new ones will be added. The plan is to create a credible database of primary historical material from musicians, producers and commentators. Believe it or not, there are people out there who cannot name The Beatles. A legacy needs to be addressed before the people who were at the hypocentre of the Pop and Rock explosion are no longer with us. The whole story has not yet been told.


If this interests you, please bookmark it, or go to

If you are a fan of a particular band, or you are a musician and want your work to be remembered, please get in touch.


Jim Baxter said...

Fine idea. The posts that are worth revisiting on a blog get lost amidst the daily trivia. WW's greatest hits deserve a separate space.

Smoking Hot said...

Great ... looking forward to it.

strapworld said...

Superb idea. This could be massive!

I do look forward to it.