Jet Harris dies

Another milestone, another legacy that is lost forever. We need to capture the last 50 years of popular music before there is nobody left who was there. Jet Harris has gone and the relatively young age of 71. He had cancer. Here's to Jet. Here's to the band that I emulated in front of a mirror and practiced the "walk".

These guys were pioneers. Let's not forget that.


Smoking Hot said...

Well put, WW

Kidz Klub Bradford said...
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Rebel Saint said...

Reminds me a little bit of The Wiggles.

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Wrinkled Weasel said...

RS, comment moderation was put on a week or two back due to a few gits posting rubbish. That's life.

strapworld said...

WW. well said. I agree they led the way. I took up the bass guitar after going to a Shadows concert in County Durham. Jet Harris was superb. Marvin gave the guitar a new breath of life and was inspirational to so many guitarists. But I always viewed Jet as the leader of the Shadows.

I did not realise, until I read it over the weekend, that it was Jet that suggested the name. There was a big problem with the American group The Drifters at the time.

Great idea. So many have passed and their contribution must not be forgotten.