Wrinkled Weasel's true identity

The real Wrinkled Weasel
Since I have now been outed by the MSM, like this chap I thought it was time to come clean.

I am not really a miserable right wing old male git. That was just a hoax. In reality I am a  lesbian from The Forest of Dean who votes LibDem, with an interest in intimate topiary. The idea for WW came about because I felt that men (the bastards) who were essentially white, middle class and therefore oppressive to everyone else deserved to be satirized.

I was sitting in the Ayn Rand Women's Centre one day, discussing with my sisters over a cup of fair-trade Barley-Cup how we might best fight the menace that is white middle class straight men. After dismissing a mass Bobbit option, (by a democratic vote of 7 to 4) we decided to put up a blog which was so egregious and so politically incorrect that it would discredit WMCSMs forever.

Sadly, this did not go according to plan because people thought it was real. Not only that, some readers complimented "WW" on his comments.

So now you know the truth. Kind Regards, Moonstar Olthorpe.


Rebel Saint said...

I can see why you wanted to keep your true identity a secret! ;o)

"Feminists - I take my hat off to them. They don't like that"!! - Milton Jones.

Ed P said...

It's time we poor oppressed men fought back with Masculism!
However, "Brothers are doing it for themselves" doesn't have quite the same cachet as the sisters' version!

Daddy said...

Nice work. Let's hear it for the WMCSMs! Can't beat a good acronym.

Thing is, the world somehow reached this position. The big question, and I would love to hear your thoughts, is - how on earth can we effect a paradigm shift back to something less misandristic and how long will it take?

At least, before long, if we jump under horses at the Grand National, they won't be allowed to use their whips on us...

Happy Fathers' Day for Sunday to those who have their children around. Solidarity to those who don't.

strapworld said...

Strange, but I have this overwhelming desire to make mad passsionate love to you. A friend once told me that beautiful women get all the men they want whilst the larger less beautiful women are extremely 'grateful;'

Can we meet in the Forest?

wolfy said...

a farce within a farce within a farce within farce . . . this just makes my little blond head dizzier than ever