Bad Day at Black Rock - A to Z of important motion pictures

Gravitas. That is what Spencer Tracy had. That and the adoring attentions of Katherine Hepburn.
In BDABR he is a man on a mission - a one armed man at that.

Some one horse, dustbowl town. Even the Joad family have left it. The train only stops once a day. Spence gets off the train and is asking too many questions and the locals are getting jumpy. What is the secret they are trying to hide?

Will he ever get out of town, now that he knows too much? Don't underestimate him - he can use his one, remaining arm to devastating effect!

It is really High Noon all over again, though the hero never has any doubts about confronting the bad guys. It was made in 1954, a good year. There is that sort of "trapped" device that Spielberg uses to such economical effect in "Duel" - the road aint blocked, but somehow, he never manages to escape. Well, let's see if he does shall we?

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