oops at least two more "B" movies (in the A2Z)

Cannot let this pass without reference to BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and BRIEF ENCOUNTER.
Both stunning movies in their different ways.

If you want to learn to talk "like thet" and "frightfully, terribly, medley in laaav" then Brief Encounter is the one. Famous for being shot partly on location in Carnforth and curious because the leading man (Trevor Howard) was discharged from the army for being a psychopath.

Being John Malkovich is very funny and surreal. Take a journey into someone else's psyche - in this case John Malkovich. But what if you use the portal to go into your own psyche? What if you work at an office where the ceilings are only 5 feet high? Go ask Alice, when she was just small. It's Magritte with feet, a real treat!

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Matt The Next Next 007 said...

How about Bone With The Wind?