Now I know what you are thinking.
"Will it be another one of Weasel's really hard competitions that make me feel intellectually challenged?"

And the answer is NO!!!! You, dear reader, are priveledged to take part in one of the easiest competitions on the planet, perhaps even easier than those phone-ins that ask:

Is your head a. On your shoulders? b. on your feet? c. a small insect?

You don't have to know ANYTHING in fact. All you need to do is tell me, in order of preference, your three favourite flavours (including ready salted) of crisp!

Now here is the bummer: the winner will be chosen entirely at my whim. They will be the person who choice is closest to my three favourite flavours.

So answers on a postcard please, or even to the comments section of this post, beforeFriday 28th April, when the competition will close.

And now for the prize. The prize is another sought after and very exclusive compilation -

This is Perv - a collection of the best ever synth/pervy sex/androgynous leatherwear on CD!
(Owners of This is Perv may select "Cheesy Continental Hits" as a substitute)

Tracks include such memorable ballads as Bondage - Up Yours, Sex Dwarf, and the Perv Anthem, Tainted Love. (Advisory Warning: CD may contain references to premature facial hair, naughty bits, being Welsh, Renommierschmiss, and practices that are regulated by DEFRA)

All blog watchers are eligible to apply. No correspondence will be entered into. Silly or unpleasant flavours of crisp are entered at the competitor's own risk. The value of investments may make you look like a tosser. Compatibility or parity with the Weasel's choice of crisp is not intended to be indicative of a marriage proposal or any other special relationship either implied or historical.


Lesley McDade said...

1. Roast Chicken flavour
2. Definitely Roast Chicken flavour
3. Burnt Roast Chicken flavour

The little vixen!!!

Jules said...

Bit exclusive this comp, isn't it Weasel - what about those others of us who bat for the other packet - (of peanuts, salted)? Marginalized, but desp to join in :
1. cheese and onion (with cider and a missed lunch only)
2. worcester sauce (nice colour packet)
3. scampi fries (do they count as crisps or infiltration? If they count, then I'd put them first actually - move list down)

wrinkled weasel said...

I understand this may make certain members of society feel marginalised, such as northern types who like pork scratchings and other exotica, so they must be free to join is as well as they can. Wow, I sound like a Lib Dem there.

Jules said...

Pork scratchings were my immediate favourite (but I could hear Frankie tittering) - Definitely scampi fries then ! Do I win? Do I win?

mrapollo said...

Here goes..(they must be 'thin' crisps though) Pickled Onion,Wotsits(cheesy),and Peppermint.The requisite mix is: 13% crisps 87% air.

Matt The Next Next 007 said...

1. Quentin Crisp
2. Feasts of Stephen (they're light, they're crisps, they're even).
3. Crispy Hynde (The Pretenders).

Captain Nice said...

Oh dear a bit of a social faux pas, Matt-the-next-etc. The Feast of Stephen is a Pizza! Deep pan, crisp and even. Mr Weasel is away at the moment, so I am moderating the comments section for him. Kind Regards, Capt. Nice.

Matt The Next Next 007 said...

I stand corrected.

In light of the prize on offer I would like to replace Feast of Stephen with Porn Cocktail.

Q. Who led the Pedant's Revolt?

A. Which Tyler.

a.c.t said...

The thought of adding 'Cheesy Continental Hits' to my collection is too much to bare. So here goes:

1. Salt 'n' Vinegar puffs - yes that right Puffs. I used to purchase them from the tuck shop. It was such a long time ago that they don't even make them anymore.

2. Beef Roysters - They remind me of when I used to skive English lessons and have half a pint and a packet of Roysters down the pub with my mates - Ok Ok so they so they don't make them anymore either.

3. Pickled Onion Monster Munch - Yeah, they do still make them before you say anything but the toes are far smaller than what they used to be....