Looking through MARGARET GILMOUR'S Eyes

WW has given me this opportunity to tell you about my week. Well, it's been another week of standing outside New Scotland Yard next to that silly revolving sign. I am told that if I wait long enough, Sir Ian Blair might come out and say hello, and then, if I can see his shadow it means there will be another week of bad Metropolitan Police Stories. (Or am I getting it all mixed up with Groundhog Day when the same thing repeats itself over and over again?). Well, it's getting late. I have to go home and tonight I've got a stuffed pepper meal for one from Tesco Metro to pop in the microwave, and perhaps I might put my feet up and have a nice glass of Orvieto. Then i might read a book and have a bit of a cry. Love Margaret.

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Lesley McDade said...

Why were you standing outside New Scotland Yard?

Be objective, ask for an appointment to see Sir Ian Blair
tip: speak to his secretary and find out what is in his diary.

I had steak pie, potatoes and carrots for tea yesterday!