Scottish Racism update

My comments about Scottish Racism against the English has, it is fair to say generated a lot of heat. For a small blog like this, over 50 comments is not inconsiderable, and it is still running. I am grateful to all those who have bothered to comment, but I must say that those who accused me of citing "anecdotal" evidence as if that did not count, have to face the fact that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people all over, who, like me, have had to deal with the almost daily round of aggression and abuse.

This comment:

and this comment:

were particularly compelling. As for accusations of lack of hard "data", well, it's staring you in the face.

It all adds up to the fact that the Scots cannot face their demons because they are blinded by rage about us and the fact that I have dared to criticise a vile national trait. It adds up to the fact that we English cannot display our nationality in your country because it will end in violence.

By the Way, there was a very heated debate recently on the subject of who could vote in a referendum on Scottish independence, HERE.

The comments on this piece are very revealing, and it generated over 300 comments. So I ask you: As an Englishman, I have been a resident in Scotland for six years. Sir Sean Connery lives in the Bahamas and has lived abroad for decades, who should be allowed to vote in a referendum, either, both or none? Please do not believe one commenter on that thread who asserted that as an Englishman, my interests are better served voting against independence. They are not. The way the SNP are handling things, I am with them and as an ardent nationalist, I believe in the right of countries to rule themselves.

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