The Islam Conspiracy

There is nothing short of a conspiracy in this country to cover-up actions by Muslims that don't fit the "narrative"; the message being that most Muslims are law abiding citizens, whose dearest wish is to embrace British culture and Laws and live a quiet, integrated life. Bollocks. The Government wants you to believe that. The BBC wants you to believe that, and the Police and the legislature are demonstrably part of a conspiracy to cover up the truth. (In four years of blogging I have never used that word. Now is the time.)

Let's just recall a story I found a while back to set this in context. It is about the right to defend your home from intruders. This is a basic right, I believe, and one that should be upheld in law, but this was not so for one man:

A disabled man who used a hockey stick to beat off intruders at his home has described the law as "a joke" after being arrested and prosecuted. According to the Telegraph:

Philip Cook, 56, grabbed the stick to defend his wife and daughter after they were attacked. When the police arrived they charged him with grievous bodily harm. Mr Cook's ordeal did not end until a year-and-a-half later when he was found not guilty at Bristol Crown Court.

So, so much for the right do defend your home. It may land you in jail, on a charge of GBH. Unless you are a Muslim who is also a Government Advisor.

In which case, you will not even be charged, even if you stab your assailant several times.

The Daily Mail is the only paper carrying the story and the BBC has completely suppressed it

An influential Muslim who advises the Government on combating terrorism will not face charges, despite stabbing a man at his home.

Prosecutors have decided that Inayat Bunglawala acted in self-defence when a drunk turned up at his £300,000 house in Luton, Bedfordshire, in the early hours of the morning.

After a scuffle, the 25-year-old man was left bleeding from six knife wounds to his back, requiring emergency surgery that confined him to hospital for four days.

But the Crown Prosecution Service has accepted Mr Bunglawala’s version of events and has dropped the case – to the immense anger of the injured man and his family.

The Injured intruder was very drunk, but the twist is, he used to live in the house now occupied by the Bunglawalas.

In this country, there is one rule for Muslims, especially if they have Government Connections.

and another rule for the rest of us.

Not only that, this piece of news has been spiked by most of the MSM. You are not being told the truth in this country and you certainly cannot trust the BBC or the Government or the Police. Look what's going down.

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