Graham Norton is officially Homophobic!

Latest in the sorry saga, the plague of the new millennium, Political Correctness, with yet another example of how

Political Correctness Will Eat Itself (see earlier post HERE)

Graham Norton has been censured for being, and wait for it...


Apparently he made a cheap shot reference to a Lesbian stereotype. Well, big deal!

Story HERE

I just love it. Shades of the Peoples' Front of Judea versus the Judean Peoples' Front.
Yet another example of how PC will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.

Meanwhile, and elsewhere, Hollywood luvvies are queuing up to heap praise on a child rapist.

Obviously the time is right for Gary Glitter to release a "Greatest Hits Remastered" album in the good old USA, and while we are at it, you know, Hitler had his good points - I'm not suggesting anything showy, just maybe a little statue or a special day to acknowledge Adolf's contribution to German Industry or perhaps a monument to commemorate Isoroku Yamamoto's re-modelling of Pearl Harbor.

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