A whiter shade of Weasel

The lighter side of Wrinkled Weasel. I have been sifting through the archives and realise that once upon a time, I tried to be funny. Yeah or nay?




And finally,


Thanks Weas. Kewl. Oh My God I cannot believe it? Here I am on the Weasel's blog? But of course he is sooooooo old and probably a perv but anyway my My Space is crap and I am soooooo emo at the mo. Ur gonna be right mad at me enewy because I am not going out becoz I woz soooooo drunk last night and I woke up in my peejays (who put those on) with blue WKD dribbling out of my studs. And I was like, "Oh.My.God Ive got my peejays on and I was wearing ruched cargos and a tube last time I looked ...ssddd


Richard said...

Not 'nay', exactly but ... let's say the blog has improved dramatically over the last couple of years :)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks Richard,really. I thought I was being hysterically funny.

Clearly, this is not an opinion shared by others. Pooh! Thanks for telling me. Deathly silence is worse.

Jim Baxter said...

A bit of the Whimsical Weasel is always welcome from time to time. Yes, that's what I said: always welcome from time to time.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

I'll take that as a qualified bum's rush then, Jim.