David Chaytor - Wicked, Corrupt and crucially, White, Male and Straight

Wicked, corrupt and White.

MP David Chaytor was today jailed for 18 months for fiddling expenses whilst being white. Meanwhile, several members of ethnic communities who are guilty of similar or worse crimes have somehow managed to escape justice.



Miranda Grell with best mate

But this is merely one strand of Labour corruption that has put the mark of Cain on the heads of its conspiritors. The Labour Party is wracked with local electoral fraud and a culture of smear tactics, and they are not afraid to play the negative gay or ethnic card when it suits them or pervert the course of justice:


Lord Ahmed

Peter Oborne writes:Chaytor symbolises institutionalised New Labour corruption – that is, corruption on a scale that has not been seen in British politics since the 18th century

sadiq khan
The only high-profile Establishment Muzzie in recent times to actually serve a term or a punishment commensurate with his wrongdoing is Ali Dizaei and that was only because he was so universally despised and that he had gotten away with so many previous misdemeanors that even the Establishment pulled the rug from under him.

Of course, Lord Hanningfield and Warwick, both Tories are awating trial, so at least they could pin the rap on a few Tories to make it look normal. Don't hold out much hope though, Taylor is black, which of course goes in his favour,  but not a Muzzie or a Labour Lord, so I think the balance of prejudices are not looking good.

Political Correctness Will Eat Itself. Stand aside please and watch it implode.

The British Justice System does not currently enjoy Weasel's confidence.


Norton Folgate said...

He gets 18 months for £13k

A white female Home Secretary can get away with £120k of false expenses claims without charge.

To evade justice all you need is a card to play, be it race, religion, gender or sexual preference.

Richard said...

But he was Labour - this wasn't meant to happen.